Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club

Training Smart and Training Hard! 

Who is SETC ?

       Shanghai Dayi Sports Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. The company’s core operation team is consisted of 7 members, 5 of them have national triathlon coach qualification, 3 of them are senior amateur triathletes, and 2 of them have been ranked in top 3 in various domestic triathlon events. The company keeps focus on providing professional and scientific training models and programs, and establishing customized corporate class communities.

       Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club (“SETC”), a branch of Shanghai Dayi Sports Development Co., Ltd., is the first official-recognized triathlon club (NGO). The club aims at providing professional training program for triathletes and amateurs, while promoting the charming features of triathlon via various channels to attract more amateurs to participate in this sport.

Who are SETC clients ?

       Our corporate class clients include Forbes 500 US-funded companies, state-owned organization, professional running teams, etc.

       Our club members include amateur triathletes of different stages and relevant special athletes and amateurs, ranging from 8 to 55 years old, from countries such as China, France, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Chile, Canada, USA and other countries.

What is SETC Strategy ?

       Taking triathlon as the core platform, we provide professional organization of swimming, riding, marathon and creative team construction service for companies and a variety of associations in Great China Region.

       Accomplish the stepped development of “ enterprise’s cultural propagation and implement— whole team’s physical and mental health—the promotion of team cohesiveness’—brand’s positive propaganda”, creating a positive “business plus sport” brand new ecosystem.

       With an “O2O” (online to offline) business model, we provide and manage customized daily training classed and sport events, and act as an agent for some famous brand sport equipment.

       By providing all kinds of fun-packed social activities such as sports events, sports social salons for sports enthusiasts, we are trying to make a due contribution for the exposure and recognition of triathlon in China, and for China to become a powerful sports nation.

What can SETC offer ?

Corporate Classes:

  • Customized Team-Building Sports Activities
  • Public Classes of Triathlon
  • Sports Salons
  • Corporate Sports Course
  • Teenager Summer (winter) Sports Camp

Special Training Courses:

Who are SETC Sponsors ?

How to Contact SETC ?

For Sponsoring, Advertising Business, Sports Events and Races services Business, please contact or call to Mrs Susie Bian ( +86 21 139-0199-2230 ).

You are always welcome to send mails to, for sharing sports news, triathlon tips and skills, or any ideas to us. We will carefully read all the Emails, and be sure to reply as soon as possible, when necessary.

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