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SETC Award | TEAM of THE YEAR @ That’s Shanghai Sports Awards

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club won The TEAM OF THE YEAR at The 8th Annual F45 Training and That’s Shanghai Sports Awards are on this Thursday, February 8.

By voted by the People's Choice Awards begins January 11 via Thats_Shanghai WeChat, we stand out from ten candidate teams those who have truly made thire marks on the city’s amateur sports scene: from the home-run hitters and Martial Arts, from Underwater Hockey to Women Football. 

We're all friends, family 


Blood-thirsty rivals

SETC're established in 2016 currently has 120 members from 20 different countries. By 2017, SETC had already achieved 1st place ranking in the IRONMAN Global TriClub in Asia and China (Group V). 

SETC is led by a team of five passionate athletes who are responsible for its club culture; racing is not the aim, rather, having fun by doing sports to create a great club spirit. The team is committed to the promotion and development of triathlon in China in a healthy way. In 2018 the team will start youth and family triathlons in Shanghai.