News, Annual Family Party, Setc, 2017

2017 SETC Annual Family Party

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm


January 13, 2017

SETC are 2 years old





This year, with the assistance from the peers and business partners and through unremitting efforts, Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club won some achievements and honors in triathlon arenas, and gain reputations and influences in the China sports industry. Meanwhile, scientific and openminded Team-SETC made contributions to popularizations and promotions of the triathlon movements in China.

The spirits of originality of SETC Expert Consultant Team & SETC Coach & Operation Team won the affirmations of members and partners.

This is great honor for us,

In the coming year, 

we will make persistent efforts

Then climb the peak.






Faster, higher and stronger 

are the 3 main key points of

definitions of an excellent athlete.



Won champions in all races,

A continued growing SETC members,

All Aged Group of Teams,


The 3 dimensions to test of

Shanghai Elite Triathlon club


In 2017, training elite triathlon orientated, the technologies of skill and race performances of our members are improving and maturing constantly. The gap between Chinese and foreign players is narrowing.




In 2018

Wishing all our dear triathletes 

Break through yourself


Realize your dream

As one of the main SETC strategies of 2018, our Youth Triathlon Project will officially start, and the TeamSETC-Youth is emerging.








Sports is not only a means of strengthening physical fitness, but also a social adhesive. We meet, acquainted and acquainted with the triathlon, influencing more and more friends jumping into the pool, riding the bike and running on the road, experiencing a amazing lifestyles.


Motivating your Peers


Creating brilliance togather





Triathlon, as a long distance endurance sports project, every athlete wants to get satisfied results in the race, even just to finish the race sometimes, he needs to give up hundreds of hours to accompany with families into the trainings.



The choice between 

the Families and Triathlon is tortured,


make all SETC triathletes feeling 

uneasy and anxious.

thanks you 

my love


It is gratifying that the SETC family, not only unselfishly supports and assists our members, but is more actively involved in the club's activities. Whether it is the event or the the race, SETC families are volunteering to do every helps meticulously.



Every glorified flower

is from the watering of sweat and tears.

Family support,

It is the endless sunshine.

Whether in the East or the West, the nobility to be told for generations, because of outstanding family tradition being inherited. In our SETC family, many Triathlon Families were born, and the excellent qualities such as courages, perseverances and responsibilities were handed down to our next generation through the tie of triathlon. 


Through the triathlon,

Courages, Perseverances & Responsibilities 

being handed down 

to our next generations.

Thank you our Sponsor, Partners & our Friends, without your cares and supports, SETC will be full of hardships along the way of growth. On behalf of our members, we wish to express our gratitudes to you and to wish us a close connections in the future and to create a future together.






Special thanks to the "Baozhunniu" for supports and helps of SETC and China Triathlon Sports in 2017. We wish we will have a grand future together.



Today is the time to make efforts to SETCers. We have customized a batch of limited edition small gifts with club LOGO and presented them to you with the award-winning gifts from sponsors.





Have gone far away





The new journey is restart.

She is waiting for every SETC fighter to start,

to explore the future,

to sharp yourself again.


Let's break the conventions,

Forget the rules,

Let us believe our original intentions.

Go hand in hand, create brilliance again.

To this end,

SETC will be with you.