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Race Report | Riding+Running 2 Day Challenge Meizhou, Guangdong

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

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In 2017.11.12-13,  BMT Racing - Riding & Running 2 Day Challenge was held in the Meizhou, Guangdong.

4 triathletes ( 2 was invited ) form the Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club attended the 2 Days Challenge. 

Finally, Anna Willett won Champion of Women's Public Group, one of founders of SETC Sybillain Alexandre and SETC Member Hudi Peng Finished race at 6TH & 10TH of Men's Elite Group, and another SETC Member Piere-Victor Morales finished at 6TH.

It's 2nd chance for TeamSETC invited to The Riding & Running Challenge, thank you BMT Racing for your invitations and providing the perfect tracks and competition services for all Duathlon players. 

From left: Piere-Victor, Peng, Alexandre & Anna


Our TeamSETC Heroines and Heros!


Anna Willett

Champion of Women's PG


 Piere-Victor Morales

 Piere-Victor Morales

Helping Hudi Peng Stretching | 帮 彭浒帝 进行拉伸

Hudi Peng

Sybillain Alexandre

Thank you



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赛事路线 | Route 



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