News, Ironman 70.3, Xiamen, 2017

Race Report | IRONMAN 70.3 Xiamen 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

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In 2017.11.11-12,  IRONMAN 70.3 2017 was held in the Xiamen, Fujian. 15 triathletes form the Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club attended the race. 

Finally, Marie Nguy crossed the finish line with husband Huuphoc Nguy, and won her 1st Ticket To IRONMAN KONA 2018 ( also The 1st Member of Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club won Qualifications for IRONMAN KONA ).

Let's congratulate Donglai Li, Bill Zheng and Juan Antonio Sala Romos Finished their 1st IRONMAN 70.3, and all others triathlete from TeamSETC finished the race with best performances. 

Meanwhile, in IRONMAN GLOBAL RANKING Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club won 3RD PLACE OF TRICLUB DIVISION V 2017 


From left: 

Huuphoc Nguy, Roberto de Pardi, Ariza Giammaria, Laurent Sirieix,

Juan Antonio Sala Romos, Marie Nguy, Alex Webb, David Floze, 郑文彪

From left: 

Li donglai 和 Li quanhong


Our TeamSETC Heroines and Heros!

SETC Focus | 一种关注


Due to other competitor's Timing Chip Failed in the race, which led to SETC  Member Roberto de Pardi got two results in the IRONMAN70.3 AG Final Competition Place: 

  • 2ND PLACE showed on IRONMAN Official Website

  • 1ST PLACE showed on

Screenshots as follows:


针对比赛中计时芯片失效判罚上存在的疑问,上海毅力特铁人三项俱乐部 已代表 Roberto de Pardi 积极与 IRONMAN总部 协调并启动相关申诉流程。在获得进一步的官方答复前,Roberto de Pardi 和 上海毅力特铁人三项俱乐部 尊重现有的比赛成绩判定。


Marie Nguy

Her 1st Ticket To IRONMAN KONA

Mrs and Mr Nguy

Roberto de Pardi

2ND PLACE of Men's AG

Donglai Li

Finished His 1st IRONMAN 70.3

Juan Antonio Sala Romos

Finished His 1st IRONMAN 70.3

Bill Zheng

Finished His 1st IRONMAN 70.3

Special Thanks

Especially thank Sheraton Hotel Xiamen for the strong supports of the Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club, not only to give warmly services and conveniences in all aspects, as provided exquisite and delicious Celebrate Cake, in which all TeamSETC excited and left with beautiful memories, and looked forward to coming to Xiamen for next season.



Moulin Isabelle Boyer

David Floze 


Ariza Giammaria

Family Ariza

Quanhong Li | 李筌浤

(Left in Phote)

Laurent Sirieix


Samson Chua

Kristian Larsen


 Happy Hour

Mr Nguy celebrates for his Wife‘s victory

Ahhhhh~  (^-^)V

Ahhhhh~  (^-^)V

Thank you


Dialogue with the world by Sports is a way for each of our Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club Members to make their own contributions to the world. Through Triathlon, let's communicate freely and widely, eliminate barriers and embrace diversities.

Whether in training or competition, we are all following and implementing our vision of the world: PEACE, FRIENDSHIP, UNITY, FAINESS and RESPECT, which is the connotation of the Olympic sports spirit. In the future, let us pursue the spirit of JUSTICE, EQUALITY and COMPETITION as our ideal, and let the HEALTH, FITNESS and BEAUTY become the goal of more people.