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Core Strength Coaching

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

Build your power house.

Prevent Injuries.Build Endurance.

Core strength training is an essential part of every athlete’s fitness program. Whether you are interested in engaging in triathlon, practicing an individual sport or just looking to fit into that outfit that you’ve been starring at for the past few months, building your power house will help you reach your goals.

Who needs core training?

Everyone! Engaging core muscles ensures that you build the strength and endurance that will help you go longer and keep you injury free. These exercises will help you improve back stabilization, balance and coordination, flexibility enhancement, achieving better breathing, gain overall body strength and flatten and strengthen the abdominals.

So what are the details around the session?

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What you’ll need to bring: Nothing really, but if you want to be more comfortable a yoga mat, small towel and a bottle of water would be great.

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