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Open Water Swimming Coaching

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

Let’s get you off to a good Tri Start!

One of the biggest challenges of every triathlon is making the leap between indoor swim training and open water swims.  Focusing attention in this important skill, which by the way opens up every triathlon experience, is crucial for an enjoyable and successful race.

During these sessions we ensure that athletes learn and practice sighting, drafting, adapting to cold temperatures, feeling comfortable and safe in their wetsuit, swimming in a pack, land or water starts, and for some individuals, experiencing for the first time what it feels like to be in open water.

Athletes are broken up into groups by skill level and these groups are assigned coaches for the sessions. Coaches are present in the water and on land. Dedicated lifeguards are always available to enable the session in a safe environment.

Once our open water experience is complete, athletes participate in a run session on boardwalk to complete the workout.

So what are the details around the session?

Who can participate?  Athletes who know how to swim.

What you’ll need:  Wetsuit, swim suit, bright color swim cap, goggles, towel, flip flops, running shoes, running cap, glide, hydration.

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The swim portion lasts about 1.25 hours followed by a coached run on the boardwalk.  A great way to experience the swim and run to transition typical in a triathlon race.


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