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Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

Ride like the wind. Its possible!

The sense of freedom that comes from riding a bike and spending a good hour, or more, focusing on your own thoughts while you enjoy the scenery around you is priceless. We pair that feeling with skill building and training that is going to help you develop strength, resistance, and stability as you pursue long distance riding. 

You have riding options…

We know that ability levels range broadly so we have put together two sessions that allow the maximum flexibility for you to feel comfortable within your skill level.

Skill Building – Ideal if you’re trying to get started, if you are getting back into riding or needing to brush up on your bike handling skills and build your mileage. Workout sessions usually last over an hour.

Endurance – Designed for strong bikers who are comfortable riding 25+ miles on the open road, looking to build strength and endurance. Ride locations will vary during the season progresses. Workout sessions usually last over 2 hours.

Once a month, both rides will be paired up with a run workout to help you develop the important transition from bike to run.

So what are the details around the session?

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