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Coaching Philosophy  

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

From newbies to experienced athletes…

SETC coaches train everyone in a friendly, safe, supportive, yet challenging environment where healthy competition is encouraged and no one gets left behind. We respect, appreciate and celebrate one another. We train, race and compete as a family. This is the type of training that you can count on when joining SETC. 

Let us guide you towards the finish line.

Everyone has different goals – getting through your first race, conquering a new distance, flexing those muscles at the beach this coming summer – no matter what inspires you, our coaches put together training programs to develop your skills at your own pace.

Their years of experience in the open road, experiencing triathlon through their own skin gives them the ability to create plans that will prepare you, teach you the logic behind each exercise, help you understand how your body will adapt in strength, speed, endurance and flexibility; and show you how to optimize results through sound nutritional habits and proper rest and recovery.


This is our coaching philosophy

You’ll always feel supported as you achieve your personal best; decrease your number of strokes for a given swim distance; conquer your first 5K; or reach a podium. But more so as you progress and realize that triathlon is more than a sport, is a way of overcoming doubt; crushing a fear; building character; mastering anxiety; building self-esteem; and realizing that everything – everything is possible.

In short, a SMART = SETC Coaching.

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