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Column | How to choose YOUR swimming coach

Friday, March 24, 2017, 2:46 pm

Michelle Zhou

Professional National Excellent Swimmer

In recent years, with the increasing of Chinaper capita GDP, the national sports, events and fitness& health industryall developing like blooming flowers. In order to satisfy the need of citizens  who participating in swimming, running,cycling...this kind of popular sports, varieties of sports institutions&organizations, sports products, event services, sports clubs emerges in themarket constantly. With the enthusiasts participating in all kinds of sports, thedifferentiation phenomenon of sports products and service’s level havegradually emerged because of enthusiasts’ personal aim, ability, enviroment...

Today, we are going to recognize swimmingfrom the start. Swimming was suppose to be a popularized, amateurized fitnessprogram, with the improvement and changing of target people and sports quality,under the promotion of the swimming enthusiasm, swimming is tend to beinternationalized and professionalized in some large and middle cities rightnow.

In the actual teaching of swimming and openclasses, I was often consulted the following questions by some enthusiasts:

  • I have learned swimming forseveral years, but why can’t I still master it right now?

  • Why the result of competition isworse than the usual time?

  • How to correct the basic technicalmovement? How to keep it?

  • Why can’t I swim fast even I workharder?

Do you have the same problems as well? Sometrainees who have been in my classes all know the following codes in my swimmingclasses:

  • No trainee can not learn, onlyhave the unprofessional trainer

  • No technical movement can not becorrected, only the trainer lack of studying

  • No result can not be improved,only have the unthinking trainer

So many series amateurswould ask? How to distinguish A good trainer? How to make a choice? The Goldenrules of market economy is “ the balance between supply and demand”, whichmeans as long as there is demand, the market will organize relative productsand services to satisfy demand. But in the actual manipulation level, thedemand rising fast and strong, will lead to the organized demand lack ofquality. In the swimming industry, It is not difficult to find that experienceas “professional” coaches of retired atheletes have surfaced.

In order to solve theproblems in your mind, I prepared a coach list for you so that you candifferentiate the swimming coach’s action guideline, and avoid injury, detoursand wasting money, and mastering correct swimming skills sooner, make afoundation for the level up.

1. Professionalteam’s Coach


Level:primary, intermediate, advanced professional swimming coach. All of them arefrom national team or province team.

Duty:  perennial teaching in the front line,mastering swimming techniques and details of action comprehensive, often goabroad for learning, communication and discussion, thus having a solidknowledge system about swimming theory and keeping up with the times, they canalso publish relevant articles on the professional journal. All in all, theyare in all round.


  • It’s hard to make appointment forthe enthusiasts and amateurs.

  • It’s hard to keep up with themwithout solid swimming basis.

  • Expensive

2. Distrinct Team coach


Level:primary, intermediate, advanced professional swimming coach.

Duty: toselect and cultivate swimming talents from the children and teenagers, thenrecommend children with excellent swimming grade to the professional team forspecial training. Most of them are the coaches who retired from professionalteam, even some of them were olympic champion athletes’ coaches before.

Suitable:suitable for the crowd who with correct swimming training basis, but less techniqueor stuck in bottleneck.


  • some of coaches’ training methodsare abstract

  • some eldly coaches don’tunderstand the modern technical terms

  • relatively expensive

3. Atheletesretired from Professional Team

Advantages:Newtraining methods, combine the theory with practice, the price and time are bothnegotiable

Level:most of them are world-class atheletes or national atheletes.

Duty:They wereselected and cultivated since childhood, then they were selected intoprofessional team for systematically training and participating in thecompetition on behalf of national team, doing coaching job after retirement.

Disadvantages:Lack of experience when facing different level and phases of the trainees.

4.Graduates from sports university

Advantages:don’t have to be perfect on the techniques and movements

Level:top-notch player, state first-class athletes, second-class athletes

Duty:Thesecoaches has been trained systematically since childhood, but they were notselected into professional team for some seasons, then accepted by universityof sports as specially-recruited students. They usually do the coaching duringthe summer and winter holidays.

Suitable:The parents can apply a swimming crash course for children during the summerand winter holidays. The price is cheap.


  • 10 periods classes only as aswimming enlightment.

  • Have to seek another coach forsystematically training

  • Possible limited by time

  • Limited by systematically teachingablity

5. Coach of Fitness Club

Advantage:conversational& talkative, a good training place

Level:most of them are private coaches from high-end chained brand fitness club 

Duty:Thesecoaches prossess qualification of coach by attending a training course forseveral days, just like obtaining permission of a job. Thus the main purpose isto sell fitness cards or selling private courses.

Suitable:the people who need training partner to be with, or passing training time


  • No solid theoretical system, theexperience of practice has never been examinated

  • Learning before teaching

  • Can not learn the true things

  • applying cards endless

6. The Coach of International School

Advantages:English speaking, interactivity is better, good at communication

Level:with teaching qualification, part of foreign coaches

Duty: aimto cultivate members’ ineresting, different with civil training methods,special training for the members.

Suitable:members who don’t understand Chinese


  • The learning cycle would be longerbecause of interactivity

  • Not good at Chinese speaking

7. Foreign Coach

Advantages:can obtain the latest training theory or documents

Level:more complicated than the composition of Chinese coach system

Suitable:Foreign enthusiasts or amateurs who worked or lived in China

Advices:can not do the teaching job without qualification. In China, have to make surethe qualification before paying the money.


  • Such coaches are relatively few inChina

  • Language is a main problem.

  • Can not make sure about itsprofession.

So far, I have presented the compositionsystem, advantages& disadvantages, suitable and statuses of Chineseswimming coach. Wish you can make a good choice on selecting your coach.

"At last, a tip for you:

The coach with qualification may not be agood coach; 

Perennial coach may not be a good coach. 

Checking out the coachingexperience or the swimming movements, and communicating with the coach beforemaking choice."

If you still have questions, every special coach in the Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club would be pleasure to solve your problems, we are looking forward to hearing from you, and wishing you have a better future on sports exercises and fitness.


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