Yue.Guan (China)

Yue Guan (China)
Coaching: Swimming
Language: Chinese
Swimming Coach of Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club
Swimming Coach Since 2003
More than ten years of Swimming & Water Polo regular training at Xuhui District Youth Sports School
Won The Top Three of the Swimming Competitions in The 4th, 5th, 7th Shanghai Games
Race performance
Swimming (From 2009)
Dalian National Swimming Race, Championship
Champion of of 800 Meters of Open Water, 50, 100 Meter of Backstroke
Champion of Age Group of Open Water Test Match in The 14th Shanghai FINA World Championships
2009 & 2010
The National Adult Swimming Championships
Champion of Age Group of 200 Meter Medley
2ND PLACE of Age Group of 200 Meters Backstroke
The National Adult Open Water Race
2ND PLACE of Age Group in Open Water Race
2016 The 3rd Place of Age Group of CTL WeiHa
2015 Champion of Age Group of CTL Fuyang
2014 12th of Age Group of Escape Alcatraz Triathlon Race
2013 2ND PLACE of Beijing Triathlon Game
2012 Completed his 1ST Triathlon (2 hours, 38 minutes) of Anting Triathlon
2015 Finisher of the Boston Marathon
2013 Won Qualification for the Boston Marathon in Shanghai International Marathon
2011 Finished 1st Marathonthe, Shanghai International Marathon
2010 Finished 1st Half Marathonthe, Shanghai International Marathon